Competitive Intelligence Necessary For Email Marketing Optimization

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According to a study performed by The Relevancy Group, sponsored by eDataSource, and prepared by David Daniels, while competitive intelligence is a critical part of running a business, many marketers don’t have a system in place for competitive email tracking.

The study surveyed 486 qualified marketers based in the U.S. to explore the use and impact of competitive intelligence methods on email marketing value and revenue, finding that marketers using Competitive Intelligence Applications generate 3X greater monthly email marketing revenue than those who don’t.

The study found that Competitive Intelligence Applications (CIA) are central to driving improvements, such as improved open and click-through rates, deliverability/inbox placement, average order value (AOV) and conversions. More than 30% of companies that utilize CIA recognize these improvements, and gain a better understanding of optimal message frequency and what works for their competitors, says the report

Read the article as published by Mediapost’s Center for Media Research for more on how CIA investments deliver a demonstrable return.