Deliverability: Mission Critical

eDataSource hosted a webinar last week featuring Forrester, the world leading research organization, titled “Mission Critical: How Email Deliverability Can Make or Break Your Program.”  Speakers were GB Heidarsson, eDataSource CEO, and special guest Shar Van Boskirk, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.   

Shar led off with a key premise that the email channel retains high importance in the marketing communication mix.  Email supports messaging across the entire customer lifecycle, is a proven revenue driver, and marketing spend on email continues to increase.

But despite this importance, getting marketing email to the consumer inbox has become increasingly difficult.  Related factors include intensifying consumer privacy regulations (e.g., Europe; California) and ISPs tightening their spam filters.  In order to optimize inbox performance, Shar recommends creating a “Virtuous Cycle,” where appropriate send practices and relevant messaging enhance consumer engagement, which in turn helps to enhance deliverability.  Shar then outlined her top recommendations for creating such a virtuous cycle. 

Building on Shar’s framework, GB quantified the substantial revenue risk posed by poor deliverability, and described the business intelligence necessary to accurately measure deliverability, identify and diagnose problems, and establish and maintain a solid inbox reputation.  Vital to this process is access to the most accurate data, which means broad, stable, real-time, statistically representative coverage of inbox and engagement behavior.

The challenge for senders is that these requirements have outgrown conventional data platforms. Traditional seeds are inert, and don’t permit or reflect user engagement.  Panel-based data are essential, because they reflect actual user behavior, but the consumer panel must be statistically representative of the various demographic, geographic and sociographic elements in the email audience.

GB described the latest eDataSource platform addition, a leading-edge data enhancement called the IntelliX AI Network®.  Launched late last year, it’s the only solution in the industry, not only to retain, but to increase the accuracy, relevance, and ability to monitor inbox placement.  GB described how IntelliSeeds® use artificial intelligence to provide the most accurate, detailed deliverability monitoring on the market. 

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