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January 3, 2017 (New York, NY)

eDataSource has announced the release of Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark® Edition, the most powerful and comprehensive deliverability suite in the industry. By integrating with Cloudmark’s threat intelligence feed, Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark® Edition is powered by live feedback from nearly 500 million consumers, giving users unmatched access to spam classification and email delivery intelligence.

“It’s never been harder for permission-based email marketers to get into the inbox,” said Arthur Sweetser, CMO at eDataSource. “Most know their spam rates. Few know why. With Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark® Edition, they can know. It’s a major industry milestone and we are pleased to be bring it live today.”

Reaching consumer inboxes has never been more difficult, with over 13% of all marketing emails being sent to spam folders.  Coming off a hyper-competitive holiday season, marketers will continue battling for share-of-inbox, as well as share of wallet.

“There is a clear and direct correlation between increased deliverability and increased revenue generated by email marketing,” according to GB Heidarsson, CEO of eDataSource. “Simply put, when email marketers reach more inboxes, they achieve higher returns without altering any other elements of their program.”

Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark® Edition allows users to review their emails on a campaign-by-campaign basis in five key areas: email content, imagery, infrastructure, links, and attachments.  Using near real-time feedback from actual customers, users can add insight to delivery failure issues, thus informing the best strategies to address them.

Inbox Tracker features new additions, such as Google Category/Tab placement tracking on both a campaign and domain-level, as well as a new dashboard layout and navigation with a cleaner user interface (including alterations in colors and graphs to enhance the experience for colorblind users). Additional features include improved SNDS data displays, a new IP Reputation scoring model, and streamlined notifications and alerts.

Over 7 years ago, eDataSource pioneered the use of panel-based email performance measurement using real consumer inboxes.  This approach continues to be the gold-standard in email analysis, far outpacing seed-based methods in accuracy, scale, and richness of data. Today, eDataSource continues lead the industry with its innovative suite of email intelligence tools.

About eDataSource

eDataSource is the leading global provider of performance insight and analysis for email marketing, inbox delivery, and eCommerce activity, tracking over 60 million emails daily across 190,000 brands.  eDataSource provides strategic tools and services for digital marketers, publishers, and marketing service providers. www.edatasource.com

About Cloudmark

Cloudmark (a Proofpoint company) is the leader in messaging protection from wide-scale and targeted attacks with one of the largest databases of threat intelligence in the world. Cloudmark safeguards more than 120 tier-one service providers, including Charter, Swisscom, Comcast, Cox and NTT, as well as tens of thousands of enterprises. www.cloudmark.com


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