A Breakthrough for Inbox Tracking

The email industry is now within six weeks of losing access to consumer Gmail inbox data, which has been critical to marketers’ ability to track commercial email performance.  The Gmail audience reflects a large share of email activity throughout the world, so maintaining visibility into Gmail activity is essential. How will you maintain visibility?

The eDataSource solution is our patent-pending IntelliX AI Network™ which provides extensive, new data to reflect inbox performance across the worldwide Gmail audience. Within our IntelliX AI Network™ are our pioneering smart seed solution: IntelliSeeds™. Think of IntelliSeeds™ as a large cohort of enhanced, intelligent seeds, programmed to simulate a representative range and distribution of global user locations and attributes. Instead of being inert, like your average seed address, IntelliSeeds™ interact with email using engagement patterns based on machine-learning with years of actual consumer panel behavior. Ongoing IntelliSeed™ engagement includes reads, deletes, forwards, clicks, replies and purchases. As ISP’s look to engagement in making inbox placement decisions, the IntelliSeed™ user experience provides a realistic view of inbox performance.

With the addition of the IntelliX AI Network™ for Gmail, eDataSource remains the only deliverability solution in the industry that both retains and increases its accuracy, relevance and ability to monitor inbox placement for Gmail. Our panel continues to provide insight into 42 other ISPs and the combination of all of our data sources provides tracking on 190,000 brands with 10 billion searchable email campaigns. No other service provider in our space provides this breadth of coverage.

A little more about IntelliSeeds™:

  • Today, IntelliSeeds™ cover Gmail and G-Suite. They not only exceed the number of inert seeds deployed by our competitors, but also reflect the representative simulated behavior that traditional seeds do not.
  • There are now hundreds of individual IntelliSeed™ profiles based on actual modeled user behavior, and this number is growing daily.
  • IntelliSeeds™ are engaging across sixteen world regions, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and South America, enabling our IntelliX AI Network™ to monitor 15,000 domains (and growing!) and millions of emails processed per day through the network.
  • We deploy two types of IntelliSeeds™
  • “Public IntelliSeeds™” – The public network of IntelliSeeds™ crawls the Internet looking for relevant email programs and signs up. Each IntelliSeed™ is programmed to interact with email at different levels to be representative of the overall population. As brands send email to the IntelliSeeds™, the simulation takes over and over time inbox placement mimics that of real users at varying levels of engagement.
  • “Private IntelliSeeds™” – Available only to Inbox Tracker clients, private IntelliSeeds™ can be integrated into a client’s mailing audience to receive communications like any other customer. Doing so provides a realistic view into campaign-level Gmail inbox placement. IntelliSeeds™ can also be deployed to simulate specific customer behaviors or test a campaign flow.

We’re not stopping there. The IntelliX AI Network™ will expand to provide tracking for other major ISPs in 2019. New features of the IntelliX AI Network™ technology will be launching throughout the year including a robust research and testing tool to enable A/B campaign testing, customer journey monitoring and other programming based on user attributes or behaviors.

Do you want to learn more about our plans for IntelliX AI Network™, or see how you can incorporate IntelliSeeds™ into your own email sends?  Contact us to setup a demo.


*formerly referred to as the Enhanced Virtual User Network (EVUN)