Journey Mapping: Next Level Email Intelligence

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The only source for Competitive Email Intelligence just leveled up… 

The latest feature release of Journey Mapping analyzes our competitive email dataset and identifies the following campaign types: Welcome, Birthday, Purchase, Abandoned Cart, and Shipping. Dive deeper into competitive messaging by individual email subscriber experience including target region and activity level.

With AI-powered marketing solutions and sophisticated dynamic content ruling email deployment, it’s more difficult than ever to understand a subscriber’s email journey. From the welcome email to the first transaction, what other messages landed in the inbox and were they opened? How does that experience compare with your competitor’s? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

We invite you to explore the next level of competitive email intelligence with Journey Mapping in eDataSource’s Competitive Tracker. There’s so much more to discover about what makes a top performing email program. With journey mapping you can:

  • Quickly identify top-performing campaigns by type, view the subject line and creative, and see how the message fits into the sender’s overall email program and how that varies by individual user
  • View a user’s email journey by brand to see regional differences in messaging or how an individual’s email experience is different when they’ve been active with the brand in the last 3 months (or not)
  • Select a brand and pinpoint a journey type to see how many messages led up to that user’s action, like a purchase for example. How much time passes between purchase events? 
  • Find out how many messages an individual subscriber receives in a given day or week from a brand. Is there a clear limit for active and inactive subscribers?

Journey Mapping will be available to all Competitive Tracker users starting today! Current clients not yet utilizing Competitive Tracker can receive special limited access to Journey Mapping. 

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