Growing Your Knowledge: eDataSource’s 2019 Client Conference

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The email channel — properly managed — is long recognized as a strong, efficient driver of brand awareness, exposure, traffic, revenue and loyalty. It’s a nearly perfect confluence of the factors comprising classic customer relationship management. Senders can precisely target audiences; populate personalized messages to those targets; manage each customer’s journey; assure message delivery; and very clearly read, quantify and aggregate individual response. 

But “proper” management of the email channel requires its practitioners to have a comprehensive base of knowledge and experience across many operational and strategic elements required to deploy successful email programs. This challenge is intensified by the continuous changes occurring within our technical, regulatory and market environments.

Even the most seasoned of us can’t know it all. This is true of every professional specialty. There’s always more knowledge and insight that will hone our expertise and keep us current. We can best acquire that by breaking from our professional routines long enough to fill-in essential knowledge gaps. It’s how we grow in our jobs.

Reading helps, but it’s solitary and usually raises more questions than it answers. For most of us, the best way to enhance our professional knowledge is interaction with our professional peers in a setting where we’re all learning something new. This is the concept behind eDataSource’s annual Client Conferences. Helping clients learn from one another, facilitated by expertise shared by industry leaders and a trusted email vendor.

Our 6th Annual Client Conference is on September 18th, in Denver. Its focus is on critical issues affecting email deliverability.  Even the most brilliant email messaging drives no revenue if it can’t get to the customer’s inbox.

This past year has seen disruptive transformation in the regulatory, technical and competitive landscape of the deliverability space.

  • How have these changes affected senders’ ability to monitor inbox performance, and to diagnose and remediate deliverability issues? 
  • What are the leading-edge developments in deliverability tracking and optimization? 
  • How have seasoned email practitioners recognized and handled serious deliverability issues they’ve faced? How have clients used our platform to optimize their email inbox and engagement performance? How do their email strategies affect their deliverability performance?

Building on illuminating keynote presentations from our CEO and CTO, clients will anchor almost every session, all interactive, sharing actual experiences with various operational and strategic elements driving email deliverability optimization. There will be ample opportunity for additional learning from informal discussion and networking throughout the day.

We’ve all attended professional meetings whose content — to put it kindly — didn’t justify our investment in time or travel. The juice just wasn’t worth the squeeze. Ours won’t be one of those. You’ll leave with lots of actionable, new information. And you’ll be glad you attended.

eDataSource clients can find the conference agenda and registration details here. Not (yet) a client and would like to request an invite to this exclusive, free event? Just shoot an email to our event coordinator, danielle.brown@edatasource.com