“Email is one of the most effective channels of communicating with a potential customer, but are you doing it well enough? And can you guarantee you’re doing it well enough? That’s why you want to use a tool like eDataSource, to let you know if you’re doing it at the level that is getting you the most revenue out of your investment. Cause you’re investing in everything leading up to communicating with your customer so you have to work on the last mile.  Are you doing that last mile the best that you can be? That’s the certainty you need and that’s the certainty you get with eDataSource.”

Robert Graff, CTO & Co-Founder of Goldstar

“Being able to work with the eDataSource experts has really helped our organization improve our overall number of clicks year over year.  It’s been amazing to see that our engagement rates are going higher, we’re getting more people interacting with our emails, and they are then converting downstream for us as well—at much higher rates than we’ve had in the past.”

Michelle Winsor, Director of Process Management, Hot Chalk 

“What we love about eDataSource—and we work with maybe a dozen different vendors—is that they’re consistently enhancing their product. They’re enhancing their product, they’re enhancing their technology, and they’re enhancing their (data) panel… eDataSource continues to deliver.”

Shafiq Rajani, VP, Mintel

“We are all abuzz with the possibilities of the platform. Training today was great! I’m so impressed with the amount of ground you covered in that hour long meeting. It was really beneficial having you come in to meet the team in person. Very grateful to eDataSource for putting on the September conference, we might not have scheduled this training without it”

Jacob Jones, Research Manager, Inboxlab

eDataSource provides me with the ability to quickly look at competitors, partners, or potential partners and get a variety of data points we use on a daily basis to manage our business. The insights and intelligence I am able to quickly access has proven extremely valuable. Various units within my organization rely on the eDataSource tool daily.”

Sal Tripi, VP, Digital Operations and Compliance, Publisher’s Clearing House

That Brand Compare is the greatest thing since sliced bread. This is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to use it for a client project and it is FANTASTIC! Thank you!”

Melinda Krueger, Associate Principal, Marketing Services,

Inbox Tracker Cloudmark Edition is a game changer; an unparalleled advantage for those who use it.”

Paul Kincaid-Smith, Founder, EmailGrades

eDataSource’s proactive recommendations on Inbox delivery and valuable insights contributed to helping us reach double digit traffic and (bottom-line) revenue growth within a short timeframe.”

Andrew Soukup, eCommerce Marketing Leader, Swatch

Platform is super intuitive. Love that I can dig into the data and see what’s going on with inbox vs spam placements, complaints, postmaster tool built in for Microsoft is a huge plus. Send an email today and ability to see instant results. Has access to cloudmark complaints. This is huge for me personally, because now I can test both my subject and copy within the body of my email to see what works and what does not. A lot of other platforms out there claim to do what these guys do. No one comes close. I’ve personally used several systems over the years and have also done this manually to fully understand the scope and power of the platform.”

Bryan Persad, Director of Email, Brandsmart

“You can design the most beautiful email templates or the most sophisticated journeys, but if you have problems at your foundation, people aren’t going to see those messages. My client had a huge problem because as soon as you think you have Gmail figured out, you don’t have Gmail figured out. If I didn’t have access to eDataSource, I might have been able to see there was an overall deliverability problem, but then I’d have to check open rate domain by domain to figure out what was going on. Having eDataSource makes it easy to see everything in one place.”

Jennifer Hoth, Sr. Relationship Marketing Strategist, DEG, Linked by Isobar

eDataSource is one of the best lead generation marketing tools. It helps to track deliverability and provides other cross branding reports. It gives various insights into our campaigns and helps to perform A/B tests. It really helps to dynamically make our decisions for future.

Raghubir Kumar, Senior Software Engineer, BOLD, Ltd.

This platform is wonderful. I love the competitive tracker tool, and being able to monitor ISP’s individually. This tool enabled us to detect our pain points with our email sends, so we could make changes for improvement. It gives you visual insight into competitors, DNS records, email performance, subject line analysis and more.”

Nicole Behnke, Corporate Marketing Manager, Advance America

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Brian Persad, Director of Email, Brandsmart

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