Testing your email marketing to improve your deliverability

September 09, 2019

Martech is always changing and evolving, and the same is true for one of the oldest martech applications in our toolsets — email marketing.

Mayor Pete Scores Highest Email Read Rate Among Democrats

August 22, 2019

Kamala Harris has sent more emails than any other Democratic candidate — 291 million — exceeding even President Donald Trump, with 101 million.

Amazon Prime Day: A “Perfect Storm” of Email Marketing

July 18, 2019

Amazon’s fifth annual high-impact Prime Day event formally launched on July 15th, with news-hype worthy of the massive event it has become.

Email Rules In Prime Day Run-Up As Amazon And Its Rivals Flood Inboxes

July 15, 2019

It would be hard to top the giant when it comes to email. Amazon deployed 800 Prime-Day email campaigns worldwide during its Prime Day run-up, reaching a circulation of 760 million and achieving 24% read rates, according to a study by eDataSource.

3 Reasons Why Deliverability Monitoring Matters

June 21, 2019

Although email continues to be the most ubiquitous medium for marketers today, the ability to reach a customer’s inbox isn’t guaranteed.

eDataSource Launches Tool That Offers Visibility Into Gmail Deliverability

November 09, 2018

eDataSource, Inc. has introduced a tool called Enhanced Virtual User Network, that can simulate user-behaviors in email inboxes to fuel more realistic sending and monitoring.

Research Shows Customer Experience Email Marketing Helps You Build Stronger Engagement

November 09, 2018

As you start to plan your 2019 email marketing program, think about this question: What is the purpose of your email marketing program?

Retailers Send More Back-To-School Emails, But Pull Lower Open Rates: Report

August 22, 2018

Amazon and Best Buy had strong open rates in back-to-school email campaigns this summer — but not as good as last year, according to a study by eDataSource, as reported by its Internet Retailer.

How to Make Sure Your Company's Emails Stay Out of the Spam Folder

March 22, 2018

Email is a core channel for almost anyone selling anything online, largely because it offers businesses multiple opportunities to communicate with the person on the other end to build rapport, trust, engagement and hopefully, a sale.

Kenscio Partners With eDataSource to Launch ‘Email Analyst’ for Competitive Intelligence

March 01, 2018

Kenscio Digital and eDataSource have partnered to launch a revolutionary competitive intelligence and inbox product called the ‘Email Analyst’, which will enable organizations to monitor their email marketing campaigns and keep up-to-date on competitor strategy.

Liveclicker Announces Record 2017 Performance

February 12, 2018

Cupertino, CA, February 23, 2018 – Liveclicker, Inc, (, a global provider of real-time email personalization solutions, today announced a record close to 2017.

Exclusive First Look: Unboxing eDataSource's Delivery Index

Today we are excited to give you an Only Influencers EXCLUSIVE: the first look at eDataSource’s Delivery Index tool which is launching this week.

New Email Delivery Tool Launched By eDataSource

January 04, 2018

eDataSource, a specialist in panel-based email measurement, has introduced Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark Edition, a tool that it says can help marketers to improve email delivery.

eDataSource Releases Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark® Edition

January 04, 2018

eDataSource ( has announced the release of Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark® Edition, the most powerful and comprehensive deliverability suite in the industry.

Amazon becomes a major player in PLAs during the holiday weekend

January 04, 2018

Amazon’s marketing strategy helps it dominate the Cyber 5, and its move into PLAs is bad news for everyone else.

Halloween recap: The 2017 season in charts

November 27, 2017

A look at Amazon's impact on online Halloween sales and how the web giant's traffic, conversion and marketing peak close to Oct. 31 compared with other retailers.

Online shoppers dig into Thanksgiving Day deals

November 23, 2017

Web sales were up 16.8% Thanksgiving afternoon compared with last year, following an even stronger sales jump Wednesday, Adobe says. Smartphones represent a record 46% of traffic to retail sites.

Deals dominate retailers' Black Friday emails

November 21, 2017

Nearly all of the top-performing emails sent in the 30 days leading up to Nov. 13 supported a current promotion that a consumer could immediately act upon.

SparkPost to Acquire eDataSource to Offer Industry's First Fully Integrated Email Sending and Analytics Platform

October 29, 2019

SparkPost, the world's largest email sending platform, today announced the intent to acquire eDataSource, the leading provider of email deliverability solutions and performance insights. 

eDataSource Launches First-Ever Email Journey Mapping Technology

October 08, 2019

An industry first, Journey Mapping provides unprecedented insight into how users respond to sequenced email campaigns, enabling marketers to drill down on performance by region, journey type, engagement activity, and more.

eDataSource Announces Breakthrough in Email Deliverability Monitoring

November 08, 2018

eDataSource remains the only deliverability solution in the industry to not only retain but increase its accuracy, relevance, and ability to monitor inbox placement at Gmail.

DataSource Releases Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark® Edition

January 04, 2018

Reaching consumer inboxes has never been more difficult, with over 13% of all marketing emails being sent to spam folders.

eDataSource & Cloudmark - Groundbreaking Partnership Focuses on Rewarding Good Email Practices While Keeping Spam at Bay

October 11, 2017

Cloudmark is excited to begin this journey with eDataSource.

Tony Patti Joins eDataSource as Vice President Deliverability and Privacy Compliance

October 11, 2017

With deep email marketing and deliverability experience, Tony's mission is to help eDataSource clients improve their campaign performance.


eDataSource delivers the email intelligence that powers business success. eDataSource's first and only behavior-based inbox monitoring solution is the gold-standard in accuracy, scale, and richness of data. eDataSource gives clients' email programs a superior advantage through the ability to identify and resolve deliverability issues, a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, and actionable insights into consumer behaviors.  The world's most prominent brands, agencies, and marketing service providers rely on eDataSource's leading-edge technology, accurate behavioral data, and passionate team of industry experts.

In October of 2019, eDataSource was acquired by SparkPost, the world's largest email sending platform. Read more.


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Leadership Team Bios and Photos

GB HEIDARSSON Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

An email marketing expert, G.B. brings more than twenty years of experience in executive management and digital marketing to his role as eDataSource’s Chief Executive Officer. G.B. has led eDataSource in its pioneering efforts to use consumer information as the central focus point of strategic planning, go-to-market strategy, and factual deliverability metrics for forward-thinking clients.

Prior to eDataSource, G.B. was group director of e-Dialog’s New York/Mid-Atlantic region, managing account services, technical services and production teams responsible for email marketing strategy and execution for some of the world’s most recognized brands, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, The Washington Post, Trump Entertainment and Publisher’s Clearing House.

Previously, G.B. was director of internet marketing for CBS College Sports where his marketing programs helped increase paid subscriptions by 100 percent in six months. He has also directed internet marketing for Bookspan/Bertelsmann/Time Inc. While there, G.B. orchestrated an interactive communication strategy that helped increase revenue from email by more than 700 percent in three years. Mr. Heidarsson also held director-level positions with Iceland Tours and the Northern Iceland Regional Office of Tourism, where he made a direct impact on increasing revenue.



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