Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails flood shoppers’ inboxes

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Retailers sent 55% more emails on Black Friday than they did in 2015 and 42% more on Cyber Monday.

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Consumers’ inboxes this holiday season are a lot fuller than they were a year ago.

Retailers sent 12,606 email campaigns on Black Friday, which was 55.4% more than they sent in 2015, and they sent 10,334 email campaigns on Cyber Monday, a 42.0% jump from a year earlier, according to data released today by digital marketing vendor eDataSource, which gathers email marketing data from a panel of about 1.4 million consumers around the globe.

The email surge didn’t just center on those specific retail events. Retailers sent 38,268 Black Friday-themed campaigns during the 14-day period that began 10 days before Thanksgiving and extended to Cyber Monday, which was about 41.9% more than the 26,969 emails they sent a year earlier. They also sent 26,969 Cyber Monday-themed emails, a 28.2% jump from 10,938 emails they sent a year earlier.

There’s good reason those volumes are rising: Consumers are looking at those emails.

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