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eDataSource announced today the launch of InboxTracker2.0 – Deliverability Redefined.

InboxTracker2.0 Delivers on EDS’s mission to provide best in market delivery data with actionable steps to address email marketers delivery challenges

eDataSource, has long pioneered and disrupted inaccurate analytics in the email industry with consumer-derived data to support competitive and inbox monitoring.  Two years ago, the Company launched its first Inbox Tracker tool, which quickly became recognized as the fastest and most accurate inbox monitoring tool available on the market. With today’s launch of InboxTracker2.0, eDataSource has redesigned the tool to be a full deliverability resolution suite, rather than just a monitoring tool, with features never before seen.  These features include monitoring and warnings of pristine and recycled spam traps, full engagement monitoring for senders’ lists, and SPF and DKIM authentication checks. In addition, eDataSource launched the first adaptive, flexible, and qualified alert system for competitive email monitoring over two years ago. As a part of the InboxTracker2.0 release, eDataSource has brought this same powerful real-time alerting alerting system to deliverability clients.

“We have learned a lot since entering the deliverability monitoring space two years ago,” said G.B. Heidarsson, C.E.O. of eDataSource. “We have applied that learning, and the fact that seed-based monitoring has become increasingly inaccurate due to personalized spam filtering, to create a tool that goes further and deeper than any of our competitors’ tools do.  More importantly, we have created a tool that finally shows and explains deliverability with an accuracy never before achieved.”

According to Arthur Sweetser, C.M.O of eDataSource, “A one percentage point drop in delivered messages to the inbox is costing companies tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, each time they send out an email. Seeds have been used to try to understand and detect this, but it’s a slow and inaccurate measurement, leading many brands to be ignorant of the actual reasons for declining or stagnated email revenues. This tool changes all of that.”

“We are accurately monitoring consumer behavior in email inboxes across all demographics and geographies in the U.S. and worldwide, with a panel that surpasses that of any competitors in accuracy, growth and size,” said Chris Adams, C.T.O of eDataSource.  He added, “Our goal here, as with all of our products, is not just to create an equal alternative to what our competitors have, but to create the most accurate user-friendly tools, allowing email marketers to focus on strategy and operations, rather than wasting time trying to integrate fragmented analytics.”

For further information on InboxTracker 2.0, please contact sales@edatasource.com or call 1-800-761-6580.

About eDataSource
Founded in 2003, eDataSource (https://edatasource.com) is the worldwide leader in competitive intelligence for email, inbox monitoring and ecommerce monitoring, based on active monitoring of more than 2,000,000 consumer inboxes and 120,000 brands worldwide. The company also provides strategic analytics products and deliverability services for online brand marketers, agencies and data providers. eDataSource is headquartered in New York City, NY, with offices in Kansas City, MO and Golden, CO