eDataSource’s 2017 Year in Review

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As we head into the new year, we look back on the moments that made this year our best yet.

The Inbox Tracker Evolution

  • In April, Inbox Tracker 2.0 launches with 16+ delivery reporting tools within a suite of deliverability solutions. By December, Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark® Edition is released, supercharging the tool with live consumer feedback from one of the largest global networks in the world.

A Benchmark To Rule Them All

  • In June, deliveryindex.org is launched, premiering the only real-time, actionable inbox placement benchmark. Now anyone can get a free peek into their deliverability with the smartest measurement model on the market

Boxbe, 3 Million Strong

  • By the end of 2017, our user panel surpasses 3 million active consumer inboxes, expanding our platform to:
    • 60,000,000 emails processed daily
    • 190,000 brands tracked
    • 420,000 domains monitored.

    The Best Just Got Better

    • This year, over 100 new features and improvements are rolled out to the eDataSource toolset, Analyst NextGen, by our world-class engineering team

    Welcome to the Family

    • eDataSource’s client roster leaps from 212 clients in 2016 to 337 clients by the end of 2017, a growth of almost 60%

    To all of our clients, partners, and employees, thank you for your tremendous contributions—we couldn’t have reached this point without you.

    And we’re just getting started… Stay tuned for an exciting 2018 including:

    • Subject Lines Perfected: The premier subject line optimization tool in the industry, Persado Predict, will debut on the eDataSource platform
    • Reputable Sender Accreditation: Groundbreaking program aimed at rewarding reputable senders with preferred placement at Cloudmark-protected inboxes