Announcing a Breakthrough in Email Deliverability Monitoring

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eDataSource Announces Breakthrough in Email Deliverability Monitoring Technology innovation enhances tracking capabilities even as Google’s privacy concerns restrict data for third-party email apps.

November 8, 2018

eDataSource, Inc. (https://edatasource.com), the leading provider of email deliverability solutions and performance insights, has announced a major technological breakthrough that will significantly and uniquely enhance its clients’ inbox monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Called the IntelliX AI Network®, this patent-pending innovation uses augmented intelligence and machine learning to create behavior models from more than five million real users. These behavioral models are geographically, demographically and sociographically representative of actual users. The augmented virtual users simulate actual user-behaviors in email inboxes, yielding more realistic brand sendpatterns, and far more accurate deliverability monitoring, than any other existing inbox monitoring system.

Coming fresh off the heels of Google’s sweeping policy changes prohibiting all third-party email apps from aggregating, anonymizing, or monitoring email campaigns, IntelliX AI Network® is the most powerful replacement available in the industry for visibility into Gmail inbox deliverability performance.

“eDataSource remains the only deliverability solution in the industry to not only retain but increase its accuracy, relevance, and ability to monitor inbox placement at Gmail,” according to GB Heidarsson, eDataSource CEO.

eDataSource plans to begin rolling out the IntelliX AI Network® on its technology platform in December 2018. In further planned developments, IntelliX AI Network® mailboxes will also support a wide variety of A/B and send frequency testing, customer journey development, and many other such use-cases.

eDataSource will continue to support its email deliverability monitoring and competitive intelligence services with data from its representative consumer panel, as well as virtual persona inboxes and conventional seeds. This multi-source monitoring solution will power eDataSource’s industry-leading data access, querying and reporting tools: Inbox Tracker and Competitive Tracker.

Chris Adams, eDataSource CTO, said, “Our IntelliX AI Network® platform continues our long history of cutting-edge innovation, by using the latest in machine learning to provide unparalleled Gmail insights into our robust platform, a platform which already supports actionable visibility into worldwide email activity and performance of over 190,000 brands and 10 million searchable email campaigns.”