Gmail’s 15th Birthday is on April 1st, and it’s no joke!

Gmail’s birthday is on April 1st, but it’s no joke!

Gmail initially launched on April 1, 2004 with only 1 GB of storage space for free; 15 years later, it has come a long way as one of the top email services with over a whopping billion users. And of course, what’s a birthday without surprises? Gmail shares with us some new features on this special day. These new features include expanding the Smart Compose feature, email scheduling, and updates in Google’s productivity tools.

Also very notable, the day before Gmail’s birthday March 31st, Gmail ended access to its consumer inbox data. This is relevant to us email marketers because it long supported our ability to track commercial email performance. But Gmail’s not the only one with new features- we’ve launched our IntelliX AI Network™. Not to steal the spotlight on Gmail’s birthday, but our new breakthrough technology provides extensive, new data to reflect inbox performance across the worldwide Gmail audience. We want to ensure you maintain visibility despite Gmail’s new data limitations.

The IntelliX AI Network™ uses machine-learning to create simulated users modeled on the behavior of over 2 million actual Internet users. Learn more about the groundbreaking IntelliX AI Network Here