Holidays Are Past, but Retailers Keep Flooding Inboxes

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Mail volumes rise but KPIs don’t

The holiday season is over, but retailers from Amazon to Toys “R” Us don’t seem to be letting up on emails they send to consumers to entice them to shop or visit stores.

Between December 26 and Jan. 2, Amazon, for instance, sent out 519 million emails, 15% more than the same period last year, according to a study of eight major retailers by eDataSource, which has a panel that tracks 2 million global consumers’ email inboxes. Toys “R” Us mailed out 141 million, 70% more than last year; Macy’s sent out 162 million, 36% more; and Dick’s Sporting Goods’s 127 million sent was almost five times the year-earlier level. Other retailers including Best Buy Co. and Target also have dispatched more emails. Wal-Mart’s and Kohl’s total emails sent decreased even though both retailers increased the number of their email campaigns, the study showed.

For more on read rates and other challenges for retailers, please see the full article as published by eMarketer.