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By John Landsman, Director, Strategy and Analytics

We’ll publish our full story later this week, but here’s an early first look at email activity associated with Amazon Prime Day.  

Before Prime Day

  • Amazon kicked-off its Prime Day emails on June 29th, with seventeen related campaigns, to a total audience of 202 million, the largest campaign deploying to an audience of 116 million (in India — this is a global event).
  • For the next five days (through July 4th), Amazon mailed between five and eight related campaigns per day, with maximum campaign send-sizes ranging from 10-16 million per day, and total audience sizes ranging from 2-35 million.
  • For the five days after that (through July 9th), Amazon mailed between 11-20 campaigns per day, with maximum campaign send sizes ranging from 2-13 million, and total audience sizes ranging from 5-27 million.
  • On July 10th, with Prime Day deals offered beginning at 9 PM, Amazon mailed 27 campaigns, with a maximum send size of 116 million (India), and a total audience size of 335 million.
  • Average daily read (open) rates were strong (typical for Amazon) — most 20% and higher.


On Prime Day

  • Amazon mailed 68 Prime Day related campaigns, to a total of 398 million people, with single-campaign quantities as high as 116 million (India again).
  • Five of those campaigns deployed to audiences of 13-28 million apiece.  Fifteen others deployed to audiences of greater than one million apiece.
  • Read rates varied from 4%, up to 40%, and averaged about 22%.  Of the 68 campaigns, 18 produced read rates of 25% or higher.
  • As for Amazon’s retail competitors, the major national brands do appear to have attempted at least some significant effort to counter Prime Day.  Listed below are the large-volume promotional emails sent on Prime Day by these retail brands.  Only two (Macy’s and Best Buy) seem to have created a specifically named event on Prime Day.  Only two (Best Buy and Staples) deployed more than one such campaign on Prime Day.  None of these brands produced read rates even close to Amazon’s average Prime Day read rate.

Coming next week: Our detailed analysis of Prime Day email activity and performance by mailing-day, as well as estimated financial impacts.