Introducing eDataSource Brand Protection™

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Email is still the top producing digital revenue channel.  It’s also the primary attack vector criminals and spammers use to target your audience with malicious and fake emails claiming to be from your brand.  When users engage with these emails, not only are they harmed, but your brand’s reputation is harmed as well.  Email marketers need to be proactive to ensure that email claiming to be from your brand is actually from your brand.

Why is this more challenging than it seems?  Driven by the ever-increasing competitiveness of the inbox, marketers are using more email services than ever to send their email.  You may use Microsoft Office 365® for mail sent from your corporate email domain, Salesforce for prospecting emails, another ESP for transactional email, and yet another for your dynamic marketing campaigns.  Your email “identity” is dynamic and robust; often changing without you realizing it, creating not only a security risk to your users, but deliverability issues for the legitimate mail being sent from your brand.

We’re excited to announce the launch of eDataSource Brand Protection™ which will help combat and stop phishing and spam attacks by allowing you to monitor, create, and enforce delivery policies for providers sending email claiming to be from your brand. Using the eDataSource Brand Protection™  solution, you can easily identify and approve authorized senders and set up policies to block malicious cybercriminals from impersonating your brand.

Getting started is simple: we’ll first work with you to deploy your initial DMARC record or update your existing record to allow us to collect and analyze your DMARC reports.  Then, depending upon the complexity of your emailing environment, we’ll work together to create a plan to help you protect your brand and monitor your email ecosystem.

And the best part?  eDataSource Brand Protection™ reporting is available at no additional charge for users with an active subscription to our Inbox Tracker platform.

eDataSource Brand Protection™ not only will you reduce fraud and increase trust in your brand, but you’ll also improve operational visibility into your email channel and service providers and, most importantly, improve your deliverability.

We’re also hard at work on additional features which are coming soon: IntelliGuard Simple DNS™  to quickly and easily build DMARC, SPF and DKIM records and IntelliGuard Alerts™ to proactively monitor and alert you to new threats within your email ecosystem.

Your brand reputation is invaluable.  We’ll help you safeguard it with eDataSource Brand Protection™ .