The Clock Ticks Down: The Smartest Deliverability Solution is Ready

Since last fall, we’ve been discussing in this space Gmail’s decision to end access to its consumer inbox data, which has long supported email marketers’ ability to track commercial email performance.   The termination date—March 31st—is now upon us.  No one currently using Gmail data for these purposes can access it after March 31st.

But maintaining visibility into Gmail remains critical, because Gmail reflects such a large share of worldwide email activity.  A solution is essential.  Continuing a long tradition of pioneering innovations, eDataSource has been the leader in developing such a solution, announcing our IntelliX AI Network® last November and launching it in December 2018.

The IntelliX AI Network® innovation uses augmented intelligence and machine learning to create behavior models for Gmail and other major ISPs from the actual activity of millions of real users from our consumer panel. These behavioral models are geographically, demographically and “sociographically” representative of actual Gmail users.

While other imitation, smart-seed solutions bucket engagement profiles into four or fewer “buckets”, the IntelliX AI Network® models countless engagement profiles, each of which are updated nightly using both historical and real-live user-data. To put this in perspective, in any given day, the IntelliX AI Network® will uniquely generate up-to 100 distinct engagement models that accurately reflect the engagement profiles of real users.  These engagement models are then used by the virtual users to simulate actual user-behaviors in email inboxes, yielding realistic brand send patterns and accurate deliverability monitoring.

Since going live over three months ago, our first-to-market IntelliX AI Network® network users have been engaging across sixteen world regions, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan Australia and South America, enabling the network to monitor 15,000+ domains and millions of emails per day.  More importantly, we’re seeing inbox performance data that is closely aligned with the still-visible Gmail panel activity.  And our clients have embraced the IntelliX AI Network® enthusiastically.

To ensure its integrity, eDataSource developed the IntelliX AI Network® technology in communication with key leaders in the deliverability world.  That collaboration grew in part out of our membership in many of the industry’s largest email standards organizations designed to combat and fight spam and malware and improve the email that users receive.  In the near future, we will provide you with an in-depth look at how the IntelliX AI Network® works under-the-hood and what makes it the best deliverability solution in the market.

There are many new developments and applications still to come with the IntelliX AI Network®.  These will allow eDataSource to continue meeting our clients’ information needs in an honest and effective way.  We would have it no other way.

*Formerly referred to as the Enhanced Virtual User Network (EVUN).