Taking Global ISP Coverage to the Next Level

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Terms like “breakthrough” and “game-changer” are so over-exploited that most people have become cynical about whatever these terms are describing.   But we have news that really does justify such dramatic language.

Until now, eDataSource has uniquely tracked marketing email activity and inbox and audience engagement performance by using a live consumer panel currently numbering three million people.  ISP representation has comprised the “Big Four ISPs:  Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/Outlook and AOL.   These four alone cover about 60% of the worldwide consumer email space.  With them, our platform has already been providing a powerful advantage in accuracy over our competitors’ primarily seed-based email tracking services, through superior data depth and representation.

But we’ve now leapfrogged ourselves.  We’ve begun tracking a total of 43 global ISPs, which we believe may represent as much as 95% of the consumer email space.  Included in the 39 recently added ISPs are important operators like Comcast, Mail.com, Optimum Online, Charter.net and Spectrum/Time-Warner Cable.

There are no other players in the email tracking space offering anything like the combination of data-depth and breadth of ISP representation that we now provide on our platform.

eDataSource users can immediately benefit from its advantages without taking any further action.

What advantages does this breakthrough give eDataSource clients?

  • For inbox monitoring and diagnostics, our ISP coverage enhancements vastly improve representation of the many variations and inconsistencies across the ISPs in spam filtration and inbox delivery protocols. Clients will have a much better and more nuanced measurement of their actual inbox performance, and what’s causing any problems.
  • The improved coverage and accuracy achieved by these enhancements has greatly reduced the need for seeds in many instances, while giving deeper and more accurate information for the same ISPs. We’re tracking real consumer inboxes and their owners’ actual engagement behavior; not fake accounts.
  • Our geographical representation has also expanded, in the Asia/Pacific region, South America, Europe, and Canada, as well as in the U.S. This advantage is especially important for the largest marketing emailers.
  • For competitive intelligence users, our expanded market coverage delivers better identification and measurement, and deeper understanding, of mailer programming and audience engagement, as well as cross-brand mailing audience overlaps.


Click here for a full list of the new inbox providers added to our expanded global coverage.

For more information, contact sales@edatasource.com