IntelliX Inbox Monitoring Now Spans “The Big 4”

We are excited to share the IntelliX AI Network™ has expanded to the Big 4 ISPs! 

When we launched the IntelliX AI Network™ in December 2018, we knew we had something groundbreaking on our hands, what we didn’t fully realize was how quickly our clients would begin using the network to provide key insights across their email programs.

Building on that success, the IntelliX AI Network™ now includes Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and Outlook addresses providing an enhanced view of inbox placement in both our Competitive and Deliverability focused features. The IntelliSeed™️ list is available to all Inbox Tracker users to incorporate into their audiences. 

Behavior models powering the IntelliX AI Network™ are generated nightly based upon real-world, live-user behaviors.  When a Simulated User makes a decision on whether to engage with an email or not, it does so based upon the actual engagement behavior from real users. The behavior is not random nor designed to ensure a specific result.  The platform doesn’t randomly read, or always read, or always delete. Our modeling was designed from the ground-up to ensure that our actions would not skew the engagement metrics for the sender or the filters for the provider.

We developed the IntelliX AI™ Network technology in communication with key leaders in the deliverability world. That collaboration grew out of our membership in many of the industry’s largest email standards organizations designed to combat and fight spam and malware and improve the email that users receive.  There are many new developments and applications still to come with the IntelliX AI™ Network. Stay tuned!