Tracking “Green Monday” Emails

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Green Monday, and it happened on December 11th.  eBay originally named it (green being the color of money) in 2007, identifying their best sales day in December. Green Monday has also been defined more generically as the last Monday with at least ten days before Christmas.

We analyzed this year’s Green Monday emails, using our usual retail sector break-out, but in this instance also included metrics for all brands we track. Results are below.


  • It’s fair to say that Green Monday carries nothing like the weight of its Holiday relatives, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Amazon evidently does not recognize Green Monday at all as a stand-alone event worth their email. We detected no related activity from Amazon this year or last.
  • (Not shown on table) Within the total brands, nearly 70% of related campaigns deployed on Green Monday itself.
  • Year-over-Year:
    • Related mailing activity tracked for 2017 strongly increased versus 2016.
    • Depending on sector, inbox performance either improved substantially or was unchanged.
    • Read rate performance deteriorated for all sectors.
    • Green Monday performance trends generally mirror what we saw in our recent analyses of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Best Performer Examples 

  • None of the campaigns shown below represent the major retail brands we generally track.
  • All but one ran on Green Monday itself, or the day before.
  • All but one reflect small, presumably targeted audiences.
  • All subject lines are explicitly price-promotional.