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Clinton out-mails Trump 6 to1; Trump’s spam issues continue

By John Landsman, Director, Strategy and Analytics

The good people of Cleveland have said farewell to their horde of Republican visitors, and are beginning the clean-up.  We wanted to share what we’ve seen of Presidential campaign email during this past week.  As always, it’s interesting  . . . and instructive.


Clinton — continuing the intense mailing cadence we’ve seen all along — pushed out 218 email campaigns during the Republican convention week, to an email list that we now project to be almost 21 million people.  Campaign email subscribers were receiving at least daily emails from the Campaign (including some from Chelsea), and these produced read rates which averaged 12%, with an inbox deliverability of 88%.  Virtually all of these campaigns noted various alarming statements or developments coming out of Cleveland, and then urgently requested money.  Example:  On Wednesday, 7/20, the campaign sent an email with the subject line, “What’s happening at the RNC is not normal and not acceptable.”  It went to almost nine million people, with an inbox deliverability of almost 91%, and a read rate of almost 12%.


Trump, by comparison, mailed very lightly during its convention week:  35 campaigns, coming variously from Donald himself, as well as offspring Ivanka, Donald, Jr., and Eric.  These too were all fundraisers.  As we’ve reported, Trump’s email operations have long been problematic.  His campaign email list remains underdeveloped — totaling now about 2 million people in two Trump email domains — and the recent spam rates from those domains have been astronomical:  60-80% in some cases.  In consequence, the ISP’s may have blocked Trump’s email, because we’ve seen greatly reduced volumes from those domains.  However, Trump has changed email horses, as it were.  More recent Trump email we’re seeing originates from a Republican Party domain (gopteam.gop — estimated list size 2 million), and some even from a Chris Christie domain (chrischristie.com — estimated list size 73,000).  Between them they’re producing read rates in the 13-15% range, but spam rates continue to be extremely high (>60%).  Examples: On Thursday evening, 7/21, Trump sent an email to 325,000 people, with the subject line, “I will be your next President.”  It had a spam rate of 77%, and a read rate of 8%.  On Friday, 7/22, he mailed again, to an audience of one million, with the subject line, “Our time to Make America Great Again.”  This message produced a spam rate of nearly 60%, and a read rate of just over 8%.


Cruz?  What’s he doing here, you ask?  Ted may not be the Republican nominee, but — as his Convention speech suggests — he’s not convinced.  His (former) campaign email audience (1.1 million) still receives periodic email from Ted.  On Wednesday, 7/20, he sent an email to 345,000 (Subj. “TONIGHT at 8:45 pm CT — don’t miss my speech!”), and then another the next day, post-speech, to 721,000 (Subj. “Our fight goes on”).   Inbox deliverability — 88-89%.  Read rates:  13-19%.   There’ll be more of this, for sure.

We’ll be back with additional reporting next week, after the Democrats have finished with Philadelphia.