Demystifying Subject Lines

Aside from intelligent targeting, nothing is more important than an email’s subject line in driving reader interest and engagement.  Emails that don’t get read can’t drive revenue.  But it’s a tough job.  In very little space, a subject line must not only be noticeable; it must also pack enough appeal and relevance to motivate its recipient to read the email.  There are whole textbooks of rules for managing this challenge, but rules alone can’t connect the marketer’s words with insights on what factors drive their impact, or an advance sense of how effective they’ll be.

Fortunately, science has come to the rescue.  eDataSource has formed a strategic alliance with Persado, creator of “The Marketing Language Cloud,” one of the world’s largest language databases, with more than a million words and phrases tagged and scored for consumer marketing.  Persado infuses language generated through artificial intelligence into millions of marketing messages on email, display, mobile, and offline, in turn feeding its machine-learning algorithms from billions of impressions.

eDataSource has now integrated powerful key elements of the Persado platform into our own, resulting in two new elements of functionality that our users will find vital in applying subject line performance to subject line development.  These elements are:

  • Subject Line Advisor
    • Analyzes your email campaign history, associating subject lines with one or more of fourteen common emotional themes; e.g., Curiosity, Excitement, Exclusivity, Urgency, Gratitude, Guilt
    • Associates use frequency and read rates and connected with each emotional trigger
    • Recommends under-utilized emotional themes that can perform better
    • Shows how subject line character count may be affecting read rate performance
    • Identifies and compares highest performing words and phrases

Subject Line Advisor

  • Subject Line Predict
    • Forecasts likely read rate performance for any subject line wording under consideration.
    • Calculates the degree to which this projected performance would be better or worse than average read rates for the individual brand, the brand’s overall industry, or any brand/industry.
    • Maps emotional themes to each part of the prospective subject line.
    • Recommends alternative phrases per emotional theme.
    • Supports development of choices for subject line testing.

These tools are, respectively, part of our Inbox Tracker and Design Tracker modules.  They’re updated in real-time, and they return results in seconds.  Results are presented in clear and simple dashboards.  Drill-down detail is available by mousing-over key data points.  Insights and direction are easily accessible, digestible and actionable.

Subject lines are far too important for leaving to chance.  These new features in our toolset considerably reduce the usual uncertainties in subject line design, deployment and post-campaign evaluation.

For more information and a demo, please click HERE